Sunday, March 18, 2018
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What A Personality

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Thrillers Painted CometAbout two months ago I starting working with Thriller's Painted Comet. A double regisitered TWHBEA & SSHBEA homozygous stallion. Since Comet is stallion he needs to have great ground manners and proper training to make him a safe horse to be around. Comet is the most fearless colt I have ever worked with! When introducing new things to him, he will approch with confidence and want to see if it is something he can play with. From lawn chairs to pillows Comet is always testing what he can put in his mouth.

One day I decide to see if I could hop on him bareback. He didn't mind one bit and then asked him to ride off in just a rope halter. Much to my surprise he rode off with no problems. He is one amazing colt to just ride off and not care, and he is still only a long yearling. I am not pushing him or riding him hard because he is still growing and I have to have his wolf teeth removed when he turns two. I couldn't asking for a nicer colt with his disposition, color and conformation he is the complete package. I am hoping that someone will find him a great addition to their breeding program! If not he would make an outstanding gelding and possible trick horse. I have started teaching him to lay down and he is coming along great.

 For more information, check out Comet's page here.


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