Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Talented Two Year Olds

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Thrillers Majestic Cloud TWHBEA SSHBEASpring is in the air and time to get busy starting the two year olds. Currently we have three 2 year olds being started under saddle, Thrillers Majestic Cloud, Thrillers Stormy Sky, and Johns Day Dreamer. I start all my colts by ground driving them first so they can get a feel for the bit and learn how to steer. But before I start ground driving with a bit, I get their wolf teeth pulled. This is very important when training young horses to get these teeth removed because it can interfere with your progress in training. Each youngster is doing well and are taking to riding with ease. They all stand great to be mounted from both sides, and they can be touched everywhere while in the saddle.  They are learning to guide with rein and started using leg cues. Because I take my time with so much ground work and desensitizing I don't have a rodeo. They ride off with very little resistant. Keep checking back on thier progress.


Mountainview Walking Horse Ranch

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