Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Coming Soon to the Ranch

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Stormy Pregnant 1 03172013It is getting close to time for our first foal to be born at the ranch. Janes Dark N Stormy is expecting her first foal due March 23, 2013. She is bred to Pride's Thrill-Ah-Gee our senior stallion that we are currently standing. Stormy is a maiden mare, and hard to predict what may happen with a first time mom. So far she is progressing normally showing signs of belly dropping, relaxing of pelvis and starting to bag up.

She has no signs of waxing, but not all mares will wax before foaling. Usually when a mare waxes she will foal within 24 hours of showing this sign. We currently have cameras on both of our foaling stalls, so we can observe our mares at all times. We are really looking forward to this foal hitting the ground, as Stormy is one of our favorite riding mares. Stormy is registered SSHBEA and is our top beginner riding horse when guest come to visit at the ranch. Stormy only stands 14.2 hh and we are hoping this foal will stay small. Whatever the outcome we pray that god blesses us and her with a healthy foal. So keep checking back for update on how Stormy is progressing.

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