Friday, December 15, 2017
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Sorting in Style

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Brook Team Sorting on Midnight's TobinanoToday Midnight Tobiano (Tux) and I showed how to ranch sort in style with his glide running walk and cowy nature. We sorted at Keyser Creek Arena in Columbus, Montana. Ranch sorting is a new event where you have 12 head of cattle numbered from 0-9 and two blank cows settled in one round pen. You and your partner have 1 min and 30 second to sort the cattle in order once your number is called, into the opposite round pen. 

It is a super fast pace cow event where your horse has to be good going into the herd and holding the gate, to prevent the wrong cattle from getting by. It is great for the whole family to get involved and any breed of horse can compete. The Tennessee Walking Horse is great at this event because of their sweet disposition, willing attitude and can be super cowy. The best part of using a walker is being able to running walk after the cattle! Tux is a 10 year old gelding who excelled today with a 1 min 6 sec run. So get out there on your Tennessee Walkers and try a new event. They are one of the most versital breeds on the market!

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