Friday, December 15, 2017
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Open Up and Say "AWW"

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Thriller Dental 03152013Today was our annual equine dentist day here at the ranch. Our great dentist is John Uecker from Lewistown, Montana who has been doing this for 30 plus years. It is so important to get your horses teeth floated every year no matter what their age or body condition. A horse's teeth continue to grow throughout their entire lives, and as a result they develop sharp points that can cause sores on the inside of their cheeks and gums. When this happens, it can cause great pain to the horse and prevent them from eating properly and getting the full benefit of mastication of there food and diet intake.

In the photo to the right is Pride's Thrill-Ah-Gee, our 14 year old stallion, getting his teeth filed by John. He was not sedated for this procedure and this did not cause any pain to him. As for the younger horses like two's and three's they have to go through more dental work. All of our two year olds get their wolf teeth pulled. These are small teeth right where the bit would sit inside of the horses mouth. They are very small but have a super sensitive nerve that will cause problems when put into training with a bit. So they need to be pulled. Also young horses loose their baby teeth so John will remove the caps which are the molars baby teeth to prevent food from building up and causing an abscess tooth. I cannot stress enough how important keeping your horses teeth maintained. It is not super expensive and will save you a lot of vet bills down the road. So go schedule your horses dentist today!

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