Friday, December 15, 2017
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2013 Foaling Season Off To A Rough Start!

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Jacobs Baby DollToday was a very sad day. Jacobs Baby Doll (Dot) went into labor 2 and a half months early from her due date of May 31. She laid down at 4pm and knew she was having problems right away. The vet was call immediately and he arrived at 5pm. The foal was pronounced dead before it was even born.

Once the vet got the foal out, the reason for the early foaling was due to a twisted cord. It is not common, but can happen when the foal turns so much that the cord becomes twisted and looses oxygen and kills the foal. There is nothing to prevent this occurrence and it is still unknown why this happens. Dot would of had a gorgeous black and white stud colt if he would of made it to term. Praise the good lord above for looking out for Dot and allowing her to pull through this traumatic birth. She is doing well, up and eating and doesn't seem to even know that she lost her foal.

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