Sunday, December 17, 2017
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thrillers-glorious-rhythm-008Thrillers Glorious Rhythm is a bay tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse filly born 04/25/14. Sired by Pride's Thrill-Ah-Gee out of Jacobs Baby Doll. Rhythm will be double registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA. We are testing her for the homozygous gene. This will mean if she is bred she will throw 100% spotted foal every time. This filly has a lot of presents when she gaits. You can take her to the show ring or down the trail or even add her to your broodmare band.


Strawberry-webRed roan Tennessee Walker Mare born 06/10/1996. Sired by Rooster’s Lucky Strike out of Executrix. Her barn name is “Strawberry”. Strawberry is a super nice mare with foundation spotted walking horse bloodlines. She has produced many naturally gaited head shaking foals. Strawberry stands 15hh and has great bone and conformation which she passes onto her offspring.


Pushy PrideBlack Roan Sabino Tennessee Walker Mare born 04/23/2000. Sired by Pusher’s Equalizer out of Prides Mysterious Rose. Purchased out of  Linden, Tennessee. Her barn name is “Dixie”. She has been a great addition to our broodmare band. She has produced great minded, natural gaited spotted walking horse foals. Dixie is 15.1 hands and is a sweetheart.




Thriller’s Maverick Man- Born April 23rd, 2009 by Pride's Thrill-Ah-Gee out of Jacob's Baby Doll, aka Dot.

Thriller's Maverick Man has tested positive for the Homozygous Gene and is double registered TWHBEA and SSHBEA

Maverick has a quiet disposition which is a trait from his sire. He has good bone that supports his correct conformation. This gelding has a ton of athletic ability in which he displays in each of his natural gaits. From a flat walk to a running walk to a canter; he is fluid and correct.
He was gelded May 28, 2015. Maverick is a excellent trail horse, he can lead or follow and is extremely sure footed in rough terrain. He crosses water, bridges, and gather cattle with no problems. He is willing and excepting to all new things. Maverick has been taught to park out and come to mounting block to be mounted. He has a one handed neck rein and moves off of seat and leg pressure. 


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