Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Kiwi Border CollieKiwi is a 2007 registered smooth coat border collie. She was purchased from a breeder in Colorado who raises working cattle dogs. Her parents have won many titles in cow dog trails. She has a lot of style and grit when she works a cow. Kiwi will take on the biggest bull and not back down. She is fast and quiet when working the herd. She is great for working the cattle in small pens and is balanced in bringing them to you from the field. Kiwi has had three litters of pups to date and is a super mom.

All of her puppies have great dispositions, are super intelligent and easy to trail, and have a lot of natural herding instinct. All of her pups have been short haired, friendly, athletic, and love water. Kiwi isn't a big dog and most of her pups average around 55lbs for males and 35 lbs for females. If you are looking for a dog with a great mind and a lot of cow, look no further then a pup from this fine female. Her pups also make excellent family dogs. Check back for up and coming litters!

Kiwi is due to have her 4th litter of puppies by Dash. Due Oct 10, 2013 we will post photos as soon as they are born and upon availablity.


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