Sunday, March 18, 2018
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About Us

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Mountainview Walking Horse Ranch SunsetMountainview Walking Horse Ranch strives to raise and train quality Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle horses. We want to match the horse to the rider, giving you a willing partner to go down the trail or in the show ring. We invite you to come stay with us for a week or weekend to try a horse out. We are not horse traders and most all of our stock has been ranch raised. We believe in quality not quantity!

We only raise a few foals a year, so that our horses get the most one-on-one attention possible. We guarantee that our horses will be friendly, responsive, quiet and gentle! It is our goal for our clients to find their dream horse, one that they will be able to have a relationship for a long time!

Owner - Bill Maute

Manager/Trainer - Brook Curnow

Mountainview Walking Horse Ranch

119 Road 1AB, Clark, WY 82435