Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Brook Curnow

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Brook Curnow and CowboyAs a child in Grass Valley, California Brook was in love with horses and started English riding lessons at the age of five. Once she knew how to ride, Brook was on any horse she could find.

Her first horse, Cowboy was a bay three year old. He wasn't trained to ride at the time so this was her first training adventure at eleven years of age! Cowboy and Brook learned together and he has been her best friend though the years. They did it all, from parades, trail riding, western pleasure, equitation, showmanship, team penning, barrel racing and reining. You name it - Brook and Cowboy did it together, winning many local shows and placing every year at the county fair.

When Brook came to Wyoming her training career really took off. Brook attended Northwest College on a two year course and graduate with honors and an Equine Studies Degree. At Northwest, Brook was on the horse judging team, and they took first place at the 2000 AQHA Congress, the largest Quarter Horse show in the world. Brook took home 8th High Individual out of 1,500 entries. It was a wonderful experience and Brook still judges fairs today.

In 2002 Bill Maute hired Brook to work at Mountainview Walking Horse Ranch. Brook was very excited, but somewhat uneducated regarding the Tennessee Walking Horse breed and gaited horses. Back at Mountainview, Brook had a new perspective on what the Walkers should feel and look like and now applies what she learned and trains the horses with that new found awareness.

Brook says, “I never thought I would be a walking horse trainer, but I thank the Lord each day for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to work with such talented horses. I am still a young trainer but am learning and finding out new ideas every day. It is my belief that a person can never know too much about about anything and with an open mind, you can do the impossible. There is rarely such a thing as a problem horse - usually it is a problem rider or handler."

Brook also gives riding lessons to riders of all ages, because she believes that many problems with today's horses is that they are being confused due to unskilled riders giving conflicting cues. There are so many wonderful horses out there, and if you do come across a bad one that is un-trainable, remember it is not worth getting killed over. Brook has had to turn a few horses away because they were too dangerous for her to work with. Brook trains different disciplines to the ranch horses such as; jumping, dressage, trail riding, reining, roping, working cows, sorting and even barrel racing. All of the horses on the ranch are taught to park out, and to come over to the mounting block. Some are taught to lie down and smile! You will not be disappointed when purchasing a horse trained by Brook and indeed many of her customers have returned to purchase more horses and ride frequently with Brook in the mountains as she trains horses for the next owners!

Mountainview Walking Horse Ranch

119 Road 1AB, Clark, WY 82435